Writer Guidelines

    netWorker is a quarterly magazine written by and for the leaders in network technology -- practitioners, developers and their business partners. Articles submitted for consideration should take into account two major ideas:

  1. What can a network practitioner take away that will help his or her network/business?
  2. Is there enough of a balance between technical detail and explanatory narrative to satisfy a range of reader levels of experience and sophistication?
    There are two main classes of articles in netWorker: columns/departments and features. We are in particular interested in contributions for the "Perspectives" department, which functions as an extended forum for opinions and fresh viewpoints on various aspects of networking technology (distance learning, network privacy, Web marketing and the like). Perspectives articles generally run between 2,000 and 3,000 words, and should offer both lucid opinions and concrete suggestions for change.

    Feature articles generally run between 2,500 and 4,000 words. They should either point out a previously overlooked aspect of networking (e.g. thin-client networking moves from the box to the network; e-commerce is more appropriate for business-to-business applications, etc.) or chronicle new developments in an existing field (new VPN technology, hand-helds with truly usable Web browsers, etc.).


    Articles must be submitted in electronic format, preferably by e-mail. MS Word files are the easiest for us to handle, but plain text files are acceptable. We discourage the submission of HTML files if the codes have not been stripped out, LaTeX files, and other specialized formats.

    Writers should also submit artwork and/or figures to accompany their stories. Figures should be clearly labeled, with keyed captions grouped at the end of the file. Artwork and/or figures can be sent via disk, e-mailed (Zipped files are acceptable), or placed on an FTP site for download. The TIFF and EPS graphics formats are preferred, but JPEG files are acceptable. For all formats, minimum resolution should be 300 dpi; image size should be at least 4 inches by 6 inches.

The deadline for article submissions is as follows:

  • March issue: copy due December 15
  • June issue: copy due March 15
  • September issue: copy due June 15
  • December issue: copy due September 15
netWorker, as is the case with all ACM publications, is reproduced on the Web as well as in print. This online reproduction takes two forms: the ACM Digital Library (all material) and the netWorker Web site (selected articles). All authors whose work is accepted for use in netWorker must sign an ACM Copyright Form that covers Web rights in addition to reprint rights and other details. A copy of the form can be faxed or snail-mailed upon request (it is not e-mailable). For more information on writer requirements, or any other aspect of netWorker, please contact:

Andrew Rosenbloom
Executive Editor, netWorker
2 Penn Plaza, Suite 701
New York, NY 10036
voice: 212-626-0670
fax: 212-869-0481
e-mail: rosenbloom@acm.org

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