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The netWorker Editorial Advisory Board
serves as the publication's consience. Each of these individuals brings his own unique perspective to the design, implementation, management and planning of network technology. They contribute articles and feedback to help shape netWorker's direction, and we value their participation in the editorial process.
Grady Booch is Chief Scientist at Rational Software Corp. and one of the driving forces in object-oriented technology. Booch has written numerous books, including The Unified Modeling Language Reference Manual, with longtime colleagues Ivar Jacobsen and James Rumbaugh. Bran Ferran is Executive Vice President for Creative Technology and Research & Development at Walt Disney Imagineering. He is a two-time winner of the Academy Award for technical Achievement in filmmaking. Ferren brings the perspective of a storyteller to a networked world.
Jim Gemmell works as a researcher in Microsoft's Telepresence Research Group, part of the Bay Area Research Center (BARC) in San Francisco. Gemmell's research interests include telepresence, digital audio and video storage and retrieval, and multicasting of presentation graphics. David S. Isenberg is a leading proponent of the "Stupid Network" concept of networking architecture. He spent 12 years at AT&T, including positions at AT&T Labs Research and with the consumer Long Distance and Network Services units. He now runs his own telecom consulting business, isen.com, and is a frequent speaker and participant at networking conferences and seminars.
Jakob Nielsen, one half of the Nielsen Norman Group Consultancy, is one of the worlds leading experts on Web-site design and usability. Formerly with Sun Microsystems, Nielsen co-designed the original user interface for Sun's intranet, SunWeb, and led the user interface team for the redesign of Sun's external Web pages. Donald A. Norman is the other half of the Nielsen Norman Group, and the best-known proponent of the concept of "networked appliances." Norman is also chief operating officer of Chicago-based Unext.com, as well as Professor Emeritus at the University of California, San Diego. His most recent book is The Invisible Computer. Daniel Rosenberg is the User Interface Architect for Oracle Corp., responsible for the UI design of Oracle Server, Tools and Groupware applications. Rosenberg has designed more than 20 GUI software products for Windows, Macintosh and Motif. His book, Human Factors in Product Design, is used as a textbook in design schools throughout the world.

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