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netWorker delivers the latest on technologies, applications, and future directions to its audience of practitioners, scientists, designers, business managers, academics, and others curious about the wonders, pleasures, and prospects of network innovation.

netWorker is published by ACM, a not-for-profit educational association serving those who work, teach, and learn in the various computing-related fields. Founded in 1947 as the Association for Computing Machinery, ACM's mission is to advance the arts, sciences, and applications of information technology. It is the oldest and most respected organization of its kind.

The First Society of Computing

netWorker archives
ACM's Digital Library includes an archive of every article ever published networker, beginning with Volume 1, Issue 1: March/April 1997.

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People join ACM for many different reasons, yet they all share a passion for advancing computing technology and promoting a more responsible world in which to use it. We invite you to share our vision.

Publications Office

ACM, 2 Penn Plaza, Suite 701
New York, NY, 10121-0701, USA
FAX: +1-212-869-0481

Group Publisher: Scott Delman

Executive Editor: Andrew Rosenbloom

Managing Editor: Denise Doig
Art Director: Andrij Borys
Production Manager: Lynn D'Addesio-Kraus

Contributing Editors:
Business the 8th Layer: Lynn Greiner
Putting IT Together: Win Treese
Net News: Alan Zeicheck
Books: Michele Tepper


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Advertising Sales Coordinator: Jennifer Ruzicka

netWorker Advisory Board

Grady Booch
Bran Ferran
Jim Gemmell
David S. Isenberg
Jakob Neilsen
Donald A. Norman
Daniel Rosenberg

ACM Publications

Publications Board
Chairs: Ronald F. Boisvert and Holly E Rushmeier
Vice-Chair, New Publications: Tamer M. Ozsu
Members: Jack Davidson, Nikil Dutt, Carol Hutchins, Ee-Peng Lim, Catherine McGeogh, Vincent Y. Shen, Mary Lou Soffa, Ricardo A. Baeza-Yates,


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Single copies are $13.00 to members, $20.00 to nonmembers. Please send orders prepaid plus $7.00 for domestic shipping to ACM Order Dept., P.O. Box 11414, New York, NY 10257 or call +1-212-626-0500. For credit card orders, call +1-800-342-6626. Order Personnel available 8:30-4:30 EST. After hours, please leave message and order personnel will return your call.

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